Are Online Pharmacy Technician Programs a Good Choice?

As the Internet permeated our daily lives, many online degree programs began to pop up such as pharmacy technician programs. Initially, many of these programs were simply a way to make money and take advantage of Internet users. The degree and education provided had little value and most schools were not accredited. In the past, employers frowned on these programs. Many employers would not hire applicants who earned online degrees. Pharmacy tech classes

Since then, online education has changed dramatically. Many of the nation’s most prestigious schools have online courses available. Virtually all of the state colleges and universities have extensive online education programs. A Florida student can earn a degree at Oregon State University and never leave Florida.

If you graduate from a college and completed a degree online, your diploma does not indicate you graduated from an online program. Colleges and universities do not make this distinction between traditional campus students and online students. The degree requirements and course work is the same.

The key to choosing online pharmacy technician programs is to research each program. To ensure the program is valid, only choose accredited schools. In addition, you need to verify the requirements of licensing in the state you will be working. Many states require these technicians to sit for an exam before awarding a professional license.

The program you choose, should prepare you to pass a licensing or certification exam. To find an accredited program you can check with pharmacy technician associations. In addition, the program you choose should have information on the accrediting agency that accredited the school’s program.

Many community colleges offer online pharmacy technician programs. Most local programs will provide students with an internship at a local pharmacy. However, many online programs that do not have a local connection are unable to provide internships. In many cases, it is up to the student to find an internship.

When choosing a program, you will need to decide if you want to earn a degree or certificate. Many colleges offer a two-year degree. If you plan to continue your education, you may want to choose a degree over a certificate program. Many pharmacy technicians will continue their education with the goal of one day becoming a pharmacist. Even if you choose a certificate, you can still return to college to earn a degree in the future.

The advantage of certificate programs is the take half the time to complete compared to a two-year degree. If you want to begin your career quickly, then a certificate may be the best choice. Many certificates can be completed in nine to 12 months.

Online programs are a great choice as long as you choose accredited programs that meet certificate or licensing requirements. Before choosing a program, check with your state’s requirements. In addition, always ask which accrediting agency accredited the school’s program. Check with the national associations to obtain recommendation of legitimate programs. Pharmacy technicians are in high demand and you should not have a problem finding a job once you complete your program.

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