We all know a few bad pickup lines that are only funny when a group of guys sit around and drink beer. We also know that these pickup lines do not work in real life.

Pickup lines such as:

“Oh My God, did it hurt? (- What) – Lifeinlines When you fell down from heaven.” or “You are so sweet, that you are giving me toothache!”

No, these certainly do not work. In order to make a pickup line work, we need to add the following:

1) It should be funny
2) It should make the girls curious
3) It should give the girls a change to respond

Now, if we take these three changes, what could we construct? The best pickup lines I have ever used, is questions.

For example:

“Hi guys, who do you think lies more, men or women?” or “Hi, can I get your opinion on something” and then ask a question about your best friends jealous girlfriend or something else that is dating related. Girls love these kinds of questions. In general, girls love to talk about relationship issues and the difference between men and women.

Now, as soon as you got the girls attention, it is time to use body language to convey that you are not trying to pick them up. Act as if you are about to leave or that wave at a friend and signal to him, that you will get there in a moment.

Doing so, also removes the pressure, since the girls think you are about to leave, they will not feel as intimidated. However, that is a whole other article…