In director Brad Furman’s “Runner Runner,” a desperate graduate pupil

performs speedy and free together with his future. Risk-taking is the overarching topic of the movie, encompassing both the literal gamble of on-line poker video games and the symbolic gamble of creating tough selections. Audience members can possibly relate. After all, moviegoers take a small gamble every time they determine which films deserve their money and time. Visit :- UFABET

Given the odds, “Runner Runner” looks like a clever choice. The movie stars Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, both of whom are respected figures within the international of Hollywood. Furman has a strong track report way to hits which include “The Lincoln Lawyer” (2011). The premise of the film is flashy, interesting, and amusing. Savvy target market members will most probably view “Runner Runner” as a secure wager. However, for a movie approximately dangerous risks, “Runner Runner” can play matters a bit too safe. The plot once in a while seems extra like an over-the-top myth than a tough, nuanced thriller. Despite those drawbacks, even though, the film has stable allure that extends past its two lead actors.

On paper, Richie Furst (Timberlake) might appearance as though he has everything going for him. He’s a Princeton graduate scholar on his manner to earning a degree from one of the u . S .’s maximum prestigious establishments. Behind the scenes, Richie desperately wishes to fund his costly schooling. He eschews summer jobs or financial useful resource in desire of more unconventional method of rewarding. Richie directs students and professors to gambling web sites, receiving a cut of the earnings for his advertising and marketing paintings. The powers-that-be at Princeton don’t look too kindly on Richie’s entrepreneurial spirit. After receiving a stern lecture, Richie comes to a decision to take one last threat: he gambles along with his existence financial savings in an epic on-line poker in shape.

Richie feels totally assured in his competencies as a card participant, and certain sufficient, he wastes little time in beating the competition. Right when it appears as though Richie will score the largest win of his lifestyles, although, a mysterious player wins the whole thing. Richie is now penniless, but at least he nonetheless has his smarts. He hastily figures out that some thing fishy is going on at the virtual poker table. Since the Princeton scholar is so familiar with taking large risks, he purchases a price ticket to Costa Rica and tracks down the man at the back of the poker empire.

The shady poker business enterprise, Midnight Black, is the brainchild of CEO Ivan Block (Affleck). The CEO of Midnight Black is not what Richie expected, but Ivan appears even greater amazed by using Richie. Ivan is nothing if now not calculating, and he acknowledges that the younger man should surely be an asset to his employer. As he seems round at Ivan’s global of luxury and excess, it’s hard for Richie to refuse. He would not have lots awaiting him again home. Under Ivan’s tutelage, Richie gets to spend time surrounded with the aid of fabulous girls, inclusive of Ivan’s beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca (Gemma Arterton).

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