In Enemy Hands by David Weber

In Enemy Hands, is the 6th book in the Honor Harrington arrangement. I nearly need to call this book On Basilisk Station section 2 on the grounds that there are a ton of equals to be drawn between the two books, I will get into that later. In this book Honor is offered another order in her local Manticore Navy. Right now, she is a full naval commander in the Grayson naval force, truth be told she is its subsequent positioning official. The new order she is offered in the Manticoran naval force is unfathomably sub-par, she is to order a unit of furnished trader ships, not even genuine warships! 

Obviously she acknowledges, generally to get once more into Manticoran uniform and to begin her recovery. This post was generally offered as a political move. The resistance to the current government proposed her for this post, mostly indeed in light of the fact that it is hazardous to such an extent that she has a decent possibility of not enduring it. In any case, even they understand how viable of a battle leader she is. Manticore is losing increasingly more trader ships in the wild Silesian area, and something should be finished. Visit :- ตำนานสัตว์ร้าย

There isn’t as much legislative issues in this book as there was in the past books, which is a pleasant boost. We are acquainted with the Andermani domain just as one of their most elevated positioning chief naval officers. The book additionally invests a lot of energy in the point of view of some Havenite officials (some we found in Flag in Exile) and we see that they are typical individuals and generally very good. 

Seeing the Havenite officials as genuine individuals and not beasts is very significant at this piece of the storyline. They just experienced a significant upset and the new system appears to be fixated on slaughtering its own kin to keep them in line. In the past book that is generally what we catch wind of, the unnecessary in-battling and slaughtering and the rule of dread. Seeing that Haven actually has great individuals in it encourages us understand that this war isn’t the Good versus Evil battle it was first seen as. 

There are various equals to draw between ‘In Enemy Hands,’ and ‘On Basilisk Station,’ the primary book in the arrangement. The boats Honor is provided to order are comparable in that they are both outfitted in manners that break from the customary warship model. In the main book, she was given a light cruiser with limitlessly underpowered combat hardware to make a statement. In this book, her vendor cruiser is certifiably not a genuine warship, and as such isn’t relied upon to face mutiple or two warships. Be that as it may, its flighty weapons are exceptionally incredible and mark another heading in Manticore’s boat innovation. Likewise, her fundamental undertaking isn’t to give wartime uphold however to go about as a cop. In Basilisk Station she was to go about as customs watch for the Basilisk framework. In this book she is to help shield ships from privateers. In both, she reveals plots by Haven while carrying out her police responsibilities and stops them cold, in this manner starting some political authorizations against Haven that go on in the background.

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