Sending SMS through online programs like e-mail, instant messenger services, and others is today’s alternative to phone-to-phone texting. Many people are using this now for many business purposes. But one of the most popular functions for this service is for sales and marketing. It is easy to use and invites quick responses, resulting to more profits in less time. Here are some ideas on how you can use this service in your promotional activities.

One of the most common functions for text messages sent via the Internet is informing existing and potential customers about what’s going on in your company. If you’ve got stores selling clothes, accessories, food, home appliances, and so on, you can announce your new arrivals, exclusive discounts, and sale seasons through this service. You can also send out details about a new store that you’re opening. You can also simply remind customers that your store is around to offer them certain products and services that they may need. Of course, you should never overdo this to the point of annoying your customers, instead of enticing them.

Online text services are also very useful for marketing teams that organize text-to-win contests. The target sms versturen via pc SMS gateway API recipient is usually asked to reply to a question also via SMS. This will be their official entry to the contest. This is just like a raffle draw, except that SMS replies are used, instead of raffle coupons or stubs.

Being able to send mobile text messages through the Internet has also made it possible for companies to send instant quotations to their potential clients’ mobile phones. For travelers, there are insurance companies that can send you travel insurance quote and cover even while you’re waiting in the airport.

Auctions on the Internet also take advantage of this online SMS function. Interested parties can now bid through their mobile phones. They don’t even need to log on to the bidding site to track the bidding process or to win the bidding. They can be sent outbid alerts so they can increase their bid right away wherever they may be.

Talent management companies in the entertainment and sports industry also use this Internet-to-mobile text messaging capability to get in touch with fans and communities that support their talents. They can announce concerts, games, and other relevant events to keep going the popularity of their talents.

The list of functions of online text service continues to grow. Other aspects of business are definitely able to maximize this feature. With a little ingenuity, the benefits of today’s advanced communication truly become limitless.