Online SOCIAL MEDIA and Job Searching: Make Sure Online Activities Don’t Hinder YOUR TASK Search

Are you active online, regarding social networking? Are you currently also looking for a new job? If so, you may have heard the countless warnings that circulate online stating you have to be careful because online social networking and job searching don’t always make the perfect combination. Yes it is true that some job hunters have lost from job opportunities due to what they posted online. However, you can find steps you can take to ensure your online social networking and job searching can coexist.
Set All Profiles to Private: If your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter is mainly used for fun and chatting with friends and family, this is a wise idea to create your profiles private. Essentially, no-one can view these pages unless they are approved by you. In the meantime, usually do not accept any friend requests from anyone whom you don’t personally know. This way you do not have to worry about the embarrassing story from your friend’s birthday party they talked about on your own Facebook wall being seen by way of a prospective employer because it is defined to private; they cannot view it.
Inform Others: Lets say you’re a primary user of Facebook and you also want to leave your profile set so that everyone can view it. After all, your Facebook page is professional, targets your hobbies, job experience, and more. But wait! What if a friend or family member comes along and leaves a comment on your wall, and ruins everything? If you are close together with your Facebook friends, send them a note letting them know that you’re job searching; therefore, please be careful what they write. In case you are close with these individuals, they will understand.
Cleanup Your Pages: For anyone who is known for having some raunchy pictures or jokes on your own social networking pages, remove them. It is possible to constantly monitor your accounts to ensure prospective employers will see nothing bad. It is possible to remove postings from your own Facebook wall, unfollow someone on Twitter, and so forth. It is advisable to set your profiles to private, but you can also depend on careful and constant monitoring.
So there you own it! You got some helpful tips on how to ensure that your love for online social networking and job searching can coexist together. Also, remember that you do not have to be afraid of social networking when looking for a job. In fact, it is actually wise job search and networking tool when properly used.

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