I have last but not least located some attractive large sour cherries, and While These are frozen, the taste as well as the aroma keep on being intact. I are refining my jam recipes, and experimenting with the French style of preserve earning which minimizes the cooking time because the fruit is macerated Together with the sugar and lemon juice overnight. The end result is rich and fruity and a rather softer set. It definitely can make for an outstanding bitter cherry jam, and on toasted bitter dough… heaven! https://www.busbysbakery.com/make-a-sourdough-starter-more-sour/
 For that recipe you will want:
 1 kg sour cherries, pitted
 800g sugar
 juice of 2 lemons
 (for pectin: convert lemon skins inside of out and pull out all the membranes and pop Using the seeds into somewhat muslin bag, and reserve until the following day)
 You will also need to have several glass jars with restricted-fitting lids. these have to be sterilised ahead of use. There are lots of ways to do this. Probably the simplest is to scrub and rinse the jars and after that spray the clear jars with a mix of pure Liquor and h2o (70% Alcoholic beverages to thirty% drinking water) and wipe which has a clear dry teatowel. In any other case boil the jars and lids for at least 30 minutes in water and permit to dry in a very heat oven.
 You’ll have to permit two days for this recipe, but the overall time is not Substantially in any way. To start Carefully mix the cherries, lemon juice and sugar and permit to sit down overnight inside a ceramic or glass bowl. The following day area a small plate from the freezer to chill – we will use this later on to check to the jam’s setting point. Then in a small saucepan carry the fruit and sugar briefly for the boil then pressure the juice into a big saucepan. Place the muslin bag into this saucepan way too. Deliver the syrup to the boil and boil for around twenty minutes. Add the drained fruit and return into the boil, stirring occasionally. If your jam rises way too speedily or sorts a froth incorporate somewhat unsalted butter. Just after 15 minutes do your to start with examination. Take your chilled plate from your freezer and pour a few teaspoon-stuffed with the jam onto it. Return the plate to the freezer for a handful of minutes, then force versus the facet in the tiny puddle using your finger. It’s probably not Completely ready nevertheless, but will have to be checked every five minutes or so… when wrinkles sort across the puddle the jam is prepared. When It really is completed pull out the muslin bag and squeeze to release juices and also the pectin that may have fashioned with the lemon membranes. Allow the jam sit for 10 minutes or so for your fruit to settle. Pour into sterilised jars and invert right up until cool. I like to apply hand-built labels Along with the date and a pretty illustration or stamp.