Technology: It refers to the whole of knowledge, skills, methods and techniques required to produce tools and equipment for the needs of people. Based on this definition, we may think that we should focus on the benefits of technology, but when it is not used consciously, we face the harms of technology!

As it stands, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about unconsciousness is children. We can call an adult’s harmful use of technology as “unconsciousness” or “preference”. But we cannot say “choice” for children. Because children are not aware of the harm they cause themselves while using technological products in a harmful way.

For this very reason, we want to remind adults about the benefits and harms of technology. Be sure to read this informative article until the end!

The first question we have to think about is “What is technology?” not; “What is technology or what does it mean for children?” must be.

The answer is simple: Computers, tablets, phones, televisions, advanced toys and all the technological products that will be of interest to children. Technology for children is all about it.

Therefore, while evaluating the issue in terms of children; we do not need to talk about industrial machines, medical devices, war materials, their benefits and harms – for now. Consider the technological content directly consumed by children:

Benefits of technology

1- Preparation for Future Professions:

Technology improves our solution-generating and problem-solving skills. In the past, more manpower was needed on the production line of factories, but mechanical robots began to replace people. As we can show the replacement of small kiosks by vending machines, it seems inevitable that autonomous cars (driverless cars) will replace taxi drivers in the near future. We can give many similar examples, but if we need to summarize, technology will be needed in order to perform many professions in the future. Therefore, people who can produce, manage or control these technologies will also be needed. While technology causes change, it also enables us to prepare for this change.

2- Increase in Intelligence Coefficient (IQ):

Professor of American Cornell University. Tomoe Kanaya conducts scientific research in 9 schools of different races and different social groups. According to this research conducted on about 9 thousand students, the IQ scores of the current generation are higher than the previous generation. Moreover, considering the Flynn effect, the result does not change, although each new IQ test is made more difficult than the previous ones.

Experts directly associate this situation with technology. The increase in the number of technological products that enter the lives of children and the stimuli that increase accordingly serve as an exercise for children to solve more complex problems.

3- Mental Skill Development:

Brain exercises that a child could do in the past were limited to the materials they had. Having several different intelligence games at home, the child had to do the same exercise all the time.

The possibilities are much greater now!

Memory games for children who want to improve their memory, attention games for children who want to improve their attention, visual games for children who want to improve their visual skills and much more are always at our disposal thanks to technology. Therefore, “technology is beneficial to children who use their computer or tablet to play mind games instead of playing car racing.” we can say.

4- Learning to Learn:

Thanks to the internet, there is now an immense library in every home. Children can do extensive research on the subjects they are curious about.

In this way, they learn to access information, do research and learn.

“Learning to learn.” This is a very important skill…

5- Educational and Educational Content

Educational and didactic applications, such as games and applications that improve cognitive skills are among the benefits of technology.

Practices teaching foreign languages, giving advice on society and moral rules, lecturing cartoons, games and applications that make practice in mathematical operations and similar applications that give information through gamification are always open to the access of children.

Of course, parental supervision plays an important role in selected practices. Children may not be able to anticipate some of the risks. We should not forget to guide children on which applications are useful and which applications are harmful.

6- Creativity:

Visual design programs, technical drawing programs, coding programs and similar design tools improve children’s creativity.

Creative children are successful in keeping up with the changing world. Likewise, they are successful in producing new solutions to the changing needs of the changing world.

All this allows the child to meet the need for self-fulfillment. This is a very important skill for emotional development; it is the body of skills.

7- Security:

Even if your child is not old enough to use a mobile phone, they should be able to reach you in case of emergency. Simple mobile phones (smart children’s watches) were produced to meet this need in a healthy way.

Smart watches have various features. For example, you can determine the numbers your child can call yourself. Likewise, you can determine by yourself which numbers your child can receive calls from. In this way, you can eliminate the risk of the child communicating with people he does not know.

In schools, children are taught the numbers to call in case of an emergency. You can define the numbers of the ambulance, the fire brigade to the smart kids watch.

When appropriate, technology can turn into a hero that ensures the safety of your child and society.